700+ of Partner Locations

With our Partnerships with Petro-Canada and Loves, you can use your card at over 700+ locations across Canada and the United States.

BVD is proud to partner with Petro-Canada, and Loves in the US to provide our customers with an extensive network in North America. Unlike some of our competitors, BVD Petroleum can get you to and from your destination with one single card.



Through our national partnership with Petro-Canada, you can use your BVD Card in any of the 300+ Petro-Canada Travel Centers.



Through our national partnership with Loves Travel Stops, you can use your BVD Card in any of the 415+ Loves Travel Stops across the United States.

Partner Advantage

Use the card to pay at any of our premium truck stops or those of our Petro-Canada, Loves or independent partners.

Access to Loves Nationwide Roadside Assistance for Tire Care and Beyond

Pay for CAT scales, supplies and minor repairs

Food and coffee

Shower and laundry facilities

Reports of all activities and transactions are available only from website