We understand the realities of the trucking industry, that is why we go above and beyond to help you keep your drivers happy on the road. By signing up for the BVD Card you get access to the same great deals on the fuel in our premium and partner locations, but your drivers get all the extra perks of free coffee, showers, laundry and more.


Driver rewards and services:

Free Coffee

Have a fresh cup of Tim Hortons or Nescafe Coffee on us

Free Shower

Brand new shower facilities, receive one (1) shower credit with any fuel purchase of more than 200 Liters.

Laundry Services

Brand new Laundry facilities with high speed commercial equipment for the fastest service.

Free Fax

Fax any and all your paperwork and urgent documents on us.

Driver Lounge

Brand new Driver lounge area with High-speed Internet and Cable/Satellite TV.

Online Reporting

Manage and optimize your fuel buying habits to maximize your savings and minimize your overhead.

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To set up your BVD account, please fill in the information below. Include a brief description of your company in Details. One of our sales representatives will contact you ASAP.

Our rep will set you up with cards and show you our web-based account management system where you will control and track all your fuel transactions.